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Connecting wellness

with technology

About Us

XOMBO is a health promotion and technology start-up with our headquarters in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to prevent and reduce the incidents of chronic illness by empowering patients and their caretakers with technology.

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Our Team

  1. Nolte Burke


  2. Story Feist

    Vice President of Operations

  3. Cole Horvat

    Software Developer

  4. Ildus Khalitov

    Software Developer

  5. Lorina MacLeod

    Technical Writer

  6. Kyle Kreil

    Software Developer

  7. Parul

    Software Developer

  8. Patrick Chu

    Software Developer

  9. Wesley Auringer

    Market Researcher

Former Employees

  1. Adan Calderon

    Software Developer

  2. Dean Clancy

    Software Developer

Continuously monitor

patients' diet and exercise

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